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Divorced & Stuck?

If you are ready to move on and create the life you want and deserve,  then you are totally in the right place.

Are You Ready For Something Different? 

Think about what it would feel like to finally move on after divorce (and stop being triggered by your ex...).

To release your past and let go of all the worry, anxiety and fear that is keeping you stuck.  No matter how much doubt you currently have, you can truly change the trajectory of your life.  

You just need a different approach.

You need a process and some tools to understand the brain, where all of your power is so you can redesign your life - all on your own terms.  

When you join us, we will go on a journey of personal development.

You can establish your financial independence, find and live your purpose, build your self-confidence, focus on your health and mental well-being, and show up differently in all of your relationships

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MOMENTUM is now enrolling for October!

Ready to regain your confidence and get started rebuilding your life? Find out more...


✔  You’ve spent so many years carefully building a life and career that you thought checked all the boxes...but your divorce has you questioning everything. 
✔  You deeply believe your divorce was the right decision...yet you are drowning in feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. 
✔  You have always prided yourself on your ability to lean into any problem you're facing...but you find yourself pulling back and hiding.


What’s going on here?


Several years ago, I was a successful leader in a multi-billion dollar corporation, a proud mom of a teenager never missing a soccer game or a swim meet, and a wife for 18 years.

I created an amazing life and seemed to have it all:  a fast-paced career in the retail industry traveling all over the world, a long marriage with a beautiful family, and summer weekends spent boating off the coast of Maine.  I had it all...or did I?
When I got divorced my self-confidence seemed to vanish overnight. 
I started to believe that betting on myself to create a new life was a big mistake.
On the outside I appeared pulled together. But on the inside, I was a mess. 
I couldn't figure out how I could be so accomplished in my career but fail miserable at my marriage.  I would often think "if I am so smart, why can't I figure out how to move on."
Turns out my brain wasn't the was the answer. 
I learned what was keeping me stuck.  I radically changed how I was thinking about my life, let go of many old beliefs that no longer served me, and created a life that finally felt right to me.
Once I figured out what true success actually looks like, I knew I had to teach other divorced women how to find it as well.

So...why exactly are you struggling to move on after your divorce?

It’s really quite simple.  Your brain is undermining your ability to move on.

No, nothing is wrong with you.  And yes, this is what brains do.

Your uncertainty about your future as a single woman creates a significant amount of fear that causes your brain to go to work protecting you. 

You end up stalling inside of your comfort zone, hiding out and keeping your boundaries fixed, instead of expanding.  

In other words….you get stuck. 

I will teach you exactly what is going on in your brain and how to move on by applying simple cognitive psychology-based techniques to make rapid changes in your life.

Listen, it’s time to move on. 

I will show you how.

Learn the 5 Powerful Questions you need to ask yourself if you want to put your divorce behind you.

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"From my first conversation with Karen, I knew our work was going to be life changing. I started to see a future that looks bright with possibilities for a life richer than the one I thought I'd have. It's incredibly empowering to realize that I get to decide what my future will look like."

Catherine H.

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